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As Head of Mobile and Digital Client Director at Carat, I work with digital advertising every day, and especially app advertisement fills allot. In this regard, I have been fortunate to work with SNOW, which provides professional cooperation and strong results both in terms of advice, pitches and advertising. After a close collaboration in 2 years, I can only speak positively about the cooperation and say, "talk to them and be impressed" Claus Winther Olsen,
Digital Client Director, CARAT
BRFkredit's app "Best Loan" got a successful launch, thanks to good cooperation with SNOW. With the help of SNOW we managed to achieve more than twice as many downloads as we had hoped for, among other things because the app reached a top10 position in the Appstore for Denmark. We are very pleased with the cooperation. Rasmus Vetterslev Begtoft,
Digital Marketing manager, BRFkredit

Building a great app is only getting halfway there

Getting the right users with the right engagement profiles at the right price is tricky and finally there is no easy way to make you app stand out from the crowd and get healthy organic user inflow.

SNOW provides you with three main pillars solution to master your app store launch

Hey, did you know?

That an average of 1.7 apps are uploaded to Google Play every minute? Have you considered how to make your app shine? We don’t build apps - we ensure that they succeed!

We've built you an awesome dashboard

Not only will our dashboard show you how many quality we are fueling into your app, but it will also demonstrate the organic and viral effects of the campaign, and show you additional uplift from other campaign elements, such as TV campaigns etc. - We think thats an awesome dashboard!

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App analytics

How are the users interacting with your app?

Our findings show that most app owners have a limited knowledge when it comes to understanding whats actually going on when users start using the app. Our tracking can help you understand and analyse the in-app consumer journey through funnel and event management. We can analyse how your users engage and interact in your app, extract the most valued segments and calculate the true value per user (LTV). The output is a clear understanding of how your app is used, if it corresponds to your KPIs, where there could be need for adjustments, and a clear user segmentation. Learnings which, amongst others, can be used to improve your communications strategy and when running campaigns.

SNOW have an outstanding knowledge into the world of app-marketing, from deep insights on analytics and user behaviour helping us to prioritise updates and improve retention and average revenue per user. They also set up positive ROI on re-marketing campaigns and helped us improve our presence in the App Store with great results Stefan Krogh-Hansen,
Salg & Marketingchef, Egmont Publishing
I have worked with SNOW on several campaigns where we have to market apps for our customers. SNOW has generally delivered good results and a very high level of service. SNOW not only takes the task but also works proactively and challenges us and our customers on new solutions that can create even better results. Marco Steen Nielsen,
Digital Director, Maxus

App store optimization

Is your landing page conversion rate in the app store satisfying?

So, you know all about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but did you know that App Store Optimization (ASO) is just as crucial for the presence of your app?
As with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), App Store Optimization (ASO) consists of many different variables, here you have a few:

  • Keywords
  • Icons, screenshots and texts
  • Ratings
  • A/B test
  • App store Landing page conversion rate

ASO ensures your app appears when users are searching – not very many companies work disciplined with their ASO, which still makes App Store Optimization one of the places where you really can make a difference!

Hey, did you know?

That your app store rank is not only based on the number of downloads, but consists of loads of different elements that all needs to be taken into consideration?

User acquisition strategy

App campaigns are fundamentally different from traditional digital campaigns. Media channels are typically other Apps, purchases are optimized at Cost per Install (CPI) and tracking is performed in the app, through our Dashboard. Exercises that require a little bit of work, but the result are unbeatable!

SNOW helps and execute all forms of campaign strategies and helps identifying the right strategy based on the campaign goal.

Here are a couple of considerations:

  • Should the app be top 10?
  • Should the campaign be settled over an extended period of time and only reap the most profitable users?
  • Should we re-enable passive, but otherwise profitable users?

In addition to the above, it is important to stress the importance of production of creative material that converts, we see increased campaign performance of over 70% by developing and splitting more creatives!
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